Singing produces benefits and results that might surprise you. The urge to sing- and to hear others sing- is in our genes. Singing, like laughter, play, sunshine and exercise- helps maintain our well-being and happiness. Singing is therefore fundamentally enriching. Through group music making, especially singing, children take an inner experience and move it into a shared creative experience. There are many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits to singing. Learning to sing, especially in a group, is highly motivational. It is an artistic activity, but also a structured and disciplined one. Singing is without a doubt a wonderful stress management aid, improves your ability to listen and stretches one out of their comfort zone. Learning and singing a variety of repertoire expands one’s mind into the world of poetry, other characters and cultures as well as connects us in a very real way to how others see and experience life. Singing is a wonderfully enriching activity that can be for everyone to experience.