Our staff certainly sets us apart. We only hire professionals who are degreed in their field and who have extensive experience working with children in the arts.  Our stage directors, choreographers and musical directors have each produced hundreds of shows for children’s theater, community and professional theater and in educational settings. Sheri has performed four times at Carnegie Hall and has been recognized with many teaching awards throughout her twenty-year tenure in Philadelphia.  Through their work with Harry Connick, Jr. on his new children’s musical, The Happy Elf, Harry called Michael “a mentor for young artists” and has referred to Sheri as “one of the best musical directors he knows.”  Our CaPAA kids are working with the best of the best.  The other thing that sets us apart is that CaPAA places a strong emphasis on the process.  Although we always plan for and execute a top notch product/ show, we really are looking to engage the student in the process.  These kids need encouragement, training and a variety of opportunities to shine and grow.  You can only do that through developing lasting relationships with them and their families.