Participation in an acting class is not just about memorizing lines or reciting a monologue. This is where children are encouraged to think creatively. This is where they develop self-confidence as they step out of their comfort zone in an environment where they are allowed (and encouraged!) to make mistakes and learn from them. Through experiences in acting class, children learn to break down the mechanics of body language and how movements communicate different emotions. Artistic creations are born through the solving of problems. How will my character react in this situation? How is my character feeling and how might I best depict that emotion? This type of problem solving develops children’s skills in reasoning and understanding. This is where they learn perseverance, strengthen their ability to focus and learn to associate dedication with a feeling of accomplishment. Most arts disciplines are collaborative in nature. Through experiences in theater, children work together, share responsibility, compromise and count on each other to accomplish a common goal. Through each small success, they gain confidence and start to learn that their contributions have value, no matter the size of the role.