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Auditions for The Ritz Theater & Performing Arts Center’s upcoming MAINSTAGE production of Songs for a New World are open to COLLEGE students and ADULTS on June 10 and 12. Please let us know you are coming by contacting Sheri Melcher at sheri@capaa.org. She will sign you up for an audition day and email you an AUDITION PACKET!

AUDITIONS– open to COLLEGE students and ADULTS

Auditions will take place on MONDAY, June 10th from 5-9pm and WEDNESDAY, June 12th from 5-9pm, at the Ritz Theater & Performing Arts Center- 222 Wyoming Ave, Scranton. Please sign up for a five-minute audition slot during these hours. If you cannot make it to one of the dates and times listed but are interested in the project, please contact Sheri at sheri@capaa.org. Come up to the BLACK BOX CAFE to check in- down the hall on the main floor, to your left.

AUDITION MATERIALS– Contact Sheri Melcher to let us know of your interest in attending auditions and we will send you an Audition Packet. Please prepare one of the song cuts included in the packet to be sung with a piano accompanist.

We will be holding callbacks after these two rounds of auditions. We will contact you directly if we would like you to come back in and sing for a specific role. If called back in, the director will let you know which role you should be preparing for. We will ask that you sing all the material for that character found in the audition packet.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not asked to come in for callbacks, it DOES NOT mean you are not being considered for a role. It simply means we have seen everything we needed to see from you.

Will be sent out by email before the first rehearsal.

Monday-Friday nights as needed. General time frame is between 5-10pm. We may also include some weekend rehearsals during the day time, and will definitely be using weekends closer to showtime. Please note that not all cast members may need to be called to all rehearsals. A rehearsal schedule will be sent out before the 1st rehearsal- MONDAY JULY 1st. Please list ALL POTENTIAL CONFLICTS on your audition form. While we do our best to work around as many conflicts as possible, please be aware that too many conflicts may affect casting.

Please hold between the hours of 10am-10pm on Sept 21-22 and the hours of 5-11pm on Sept 23-25. **Tech and Dress rehearsals are MANDATORY. We will NOT be able to accept ANY conflicts for these rehearsals.

Thurs, Sept 26- Sunday, Sept 29. Times TBD **Performances are MANDATORY. We will not be able to accept ANY conflicts for these dates.

Director: Mandy Bruno Bogue
Music Director: Sheri Melcher
Choreographer: Cristina Sohns Williams
Producer: Michael Melcher


Please prepare one of the cuts found from the show at the end of the audition packet to be sung with a piano accompanist-contact Sheri for an audition packet- sheri@capaa.org. Rehearsal tracks can be found on youtube to practice at home as well.

Please let us know you are coming by contacting Sheri Melcher at sheri@capaa.org